Saturday, 14 July 2007

Day 8 - It's raining!

It's one of those days where a base camp has to be packed up, which means a late start to today's proceedings. We are currently in Inverness and will be travelling 15 miles or so north of Pitlochry. Hopefully, I can get underway no later than 13:00 today and perhaps it may have stopped raining by then!

It was back to porridge and beans (and bacon and egg) for me this morning. Just what I needed after yesterday's massive day.

Base camp 3 has provided us with 3 nights of stability after a few sleepless nights of camping.

Oh and if anyone is looking for an immaculate, friendly B&B run by a Geordie couple in Inverness then I can recommend the Park Hill B&B on Ardconnel Street.