Sunday, 1 July 2007

6 days to go - Time to reflect on my training

If "You only get out of life what you put in" is actually true as a saying then I stand a very good chance of completing the run from John O'Groats to Lands End. So far in 2007, I have ran a total of 720 miles and have been to the gym 48 times. This is on top of my working and family life and the fundraising activities and planning that has been done for the big run. I could not have done any more training than I have. I just couldn't have.

Although I've been training since November 2005, it wasn't until I stepped things up in January 2007 that things started to get serious.

With help from Ian "The Coach" Glasgow and John Brettell I was able to maintain a regular routine in those early winter months. Runs around the Town Moor and up to the Race Course were on the menu most lunchtimes in Gosforth.

The routine was extended in February and March with lots of runs home. Mostly in the dark!! In April and May I added much longer weekend runs with the hills in the Pennines providing a stern test.

June was all about winding down for the big run with lots of shorter runs. This was also the month where I suffered what seemed like my first major injury. Once again, though, I proved to be a quick healer and managed to run a PB Blaydon Race some 6 days after picking up a hamstring injury. I haven't felt a knock or an injury since that day and hopefully that will continue for the next 900 miles or so.

I have trained in extreme heat, cold, wet, wind, snow, ice and rain. I have trained in bright sunshine and even complete darkness. I have trained on sand, road, grass, pavement, gravel, mud and dirt track. I have trained in cities, towns, villages and the open country side. I have trained on flat and on hills with gradients up to 17%. If there is a running scenario left out there then someone please let me know what it is.

I've actually come to enjoy running in difficult conditions. I'd far rather run 2 miles up to a 1700 ft summit than 2 miles on the flat. The positive attitude I've built up will be put to the test running 868 miles over 36 days. Let's have this discussion on August 12th and see what's changed!