Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Day 13

It was a foggy start to day 13 in Chisineu-Cris which meant the rear lights on Chappie were switched on right from the outset. I started running at 0845 which is one of the latest starts. I seem to have better results starting a little later. When I set off at 0600-0630 my pace has really suffered on this tour. The timing of these starts is definitely something to keep an eye on. 

My feet felt as though they had responded to last night’s treatment of a Tea Tree oil soak followed by antiseptic cream. In fact, they were probably the best they’ve felt since I started in Belgrade.

The sun soon dissolved the fog and all of a sudden the heat cranked up quite a bit. This didn’t affect my pace too much. I think I’m starting to become acclimatised to the consistent 23-34 Celsius temperatures. Based on previous experience, it usually takes about 3-4 weeks for me to become accustomed to the heat. There’s definite progress in that regard. 

I ran through the small town of Zerind which involved a short climb over a bridge. Chappie feels twice as heavy when being pulled up hill! Regular readers will know that I enjoy the hills (and mountains of course).

I left Arad County and crossed into Bihor County shortly after Zerind. The day seemed to get even hotter. The traffic was busy but not on the same levels north of Arad. I still had to maintain 100% concentration though. One simple bit of kit that is very effective is this hand mirror. It saves me turning around every five seconds in busy traffic.

I took a break at the 10 mile point in Avram Lancu and used this as an opportunity to try and dry my waterproof coat and the army poncho that is used to cover the supply boxes at night. They both dried very quickly in the midday sun and it was nice to get some fresh air into Chappie.  As I ran through Ciumeghiu I was confronted by a few locals. I have no idea what they were saying and they were the same from me.

A man pulled over in his car 4 miles south of Salonta wearing nothing but underpants. He spoke no English but through a few Romanian words I understood and some interesting sign language I was able to tell that he was offering a shower, food and bed for the night. I politely declined despite his persistence.

A mile later another man in a nice Audi pulled over and handed me a bottle of water. I was running fairly low so it was appreciated. Underpants Man (who was now wearing shorts) returned while I was talking to Audi Man and he must have gone home to google translate what he was trying to say into English. The piece of paper he held stated exactly what I’d gleaned from our first encounter. The answer was still no but thanks to him for the kind offer. Thanks also to Audi Man for some kind words and that bottle of water of course. 

The final 6.5 miles of the day were done in scorching heat. I was very pleased that I was able to maintain the pace. I finished running at 1700 with 21.5 miles in the bag. Donna (Statto) was later able to confirm that today was the 2nd quickest after the first day. 

The early finish means that I have time to treat my feet before doing it all again tomorrow.

Thanks to those who have donated over the last couple of days.  If you would like to make a donation to St. Benedict's Hospice please click here: