Sunday, 17 June 2018

Day 11

The day got underway at 0630 today. I managed to get a lot of sleep thanks to being able to use John’s settee for the night.  As I left Pecica with Chappie, a car pulled up ahead of me and what was playing can only be described as Benny Hill music. At 0630! Very loudly! 

I used a bike track out of Pecica and then it was on to a busy road. I was surprised at how much traffic there was despite it being early on a Sunday morning. I found another bike track off the main road on the outskirts of Arad. As I left Arad a car pulled up and a man got out and handed me a bottle of water. He shook my hand and said “respect”. I think he was German. 

After 7 miles I stopped to make some breakfast. I had 2 portions of all day breakfast. I had to force the food down yet again. I’m finding it really difficult to eat. When I got going again I felt full of energy. The food had done the trick. After 12 miles of running eastwards I took a left hand turn onto the very busy E671. There were thunderstorms headed my way and I knew it wouldn’t be long before they were above me. 

The first thunderstorm hit at the 14 mile point. I found a perfect spot to pull over and climb inside Chappie.

I waited 2 hours for the storm to subside before continuing. I reached Zimandcuz after 17 miles and the next thunderstorm started. I put my waterproof on and it was another mile before I found a safe spot to stay. The “safe spot” wasn’t ideal because it was a muddy field. I emptied the 2 boxes out of Chappie, placed the cover over them and quickly climbed in head first. I managed to take my trainers off and put them under Chappie. By this point it was absolutely lashing down. I somehow managed to turn around in Chappie so that my head was at the hatch end as it should be. 

Chappie’s hatch door was covered in mud and I had to wipe a lot off to be able to close the door. I was exhausted and soaking wet but it was to get worse. Water was pouring into Chappie through the cooking chimney near my head. Thankfully. I was able to place a bag in such as way that the water would be caught. 

It continued to rain for another few hours. With not much daylight left I decided that the muddy field would be be camp for the night. There’s no chance of eating as all supplies are outside undercover. I now face a damp night’s sleep in Chappie. I’m not looking forward to a muddy exit out of Chappie in the morning. 

As I write this, I can see the Mosquitos outside through my window. The hatch is staying firmly shut tonight! The good news is that I’m on target to reach Satu Mare as planned next Sunday. I’ll probably make it to Oradea by Wednesday on this busy E671 then it’s 4 days of quieter roads. 

Today has been very challenging. I think tomorrow may be similar before better weather comes my way on Tuesday. I haven’t been able to treat my feet today despite working hard to get the miles done. 

It appears to be slow progress when you think that I was running 35-41 miles on the last stage of the run Around The World. There are still 1150 miles to the finish line in Moscow. 

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