Wednesday, 13 June 2018

A new end point for stage 5

After looking at potential exit points from stage five of the run around the world I have decided to finish in Moscow. Other options such as Samara and Saratov in Russia were deemed to end too close to my visa running out. I'm not comfortable with that scenario at all. 

I'm scheduled to finish in Moscow on Saturday 1st September which will make stage five 86 days and 1300 miles long. Once I've found a suitable finish line in Moscow I'll update this site. 

The finish in Moscow will serve to setup future stage six to complete the Road To Astana.

Donna will be contacting the British Embassy in Moscow to help try and avoid the type of customs issues that we faced in Belgrade with Chappie.

By my rough calculations, the half way point of my run around the world (10,000 miles) will be hit as I pass through the border checkpoint from Ukraine into Russia. I'll get the exact location nearer the time.  

I'm relieved now, to have a clear vision of where stage five of the run around the world is going to take me. The journey resumes on Friday 15th June. It's going to continue to be incredibly difficult.

These are the key dates:

Belgrade, Serbia to Jimbolia, Romania
4 days. 84 miles. 07/06/18 - 10/06/18

Jimbolia, Romania to Satu Mare, Romania
10 days. 196 Miles. 15/06/18 - 24/06/18

Satu Mare, Romania to Kalush, Ukraine
8 days. 149 miles.  27/06/18 - 04/07/18

Kalush, Ukraine to Zhytomyr, Ukraine
13 days. 247 miles. 07/07/18 - 19/07/18

Zhytomyr, Ukraine to Kyiv, Ukraine
4 days. 85 miles.  21/07/18 - 24/07/18

Kyiv, Ukraine to Krolevets, Ukraine
9 days. 163 miles.  01/08/18 - 09/08/18 

Krolevets, Ukraine to Moscow, Russia
21 days. 369 miles. 12/08/18 - 01/09/18