Thursday, 11 February 2010


Well it's not that often that I ache after a run these days but last night's efforts seemed to have taken their toll on my legs when I woke up this morning. It's not a bad thing when it happens. In fact, I always look forward to seeing how I react on the next scheduled run. On top of the soreness was a wave of tiredness. What a state after 10 miles and 1 gym session!

Today's 10 miles were done on the treadmill in the gym and the first 5 miles were such a struggle. I couldn't get the pace above 11 minute miles. Very poor! At that point I was thinking that I still had quite a few miles to do this week and how more difficult it was probably going to get. Just then, colleague Fraser Scott (aka Crazy Trev) joined me on the adjacent treadmill. Off came my iPod and after a bit of banter (and only 5 miles left to do) I felt a whole lot better and stronger.

I finished the last mile at 07:40 per mile pace and I've got to say that I felt absolutely brilliant. It was a total contrast to when I'd started the run. Anyway! That's 50 miles for the week done and 20 left to do. Surely it's in the bag now!