Wednesday, 10 February 2010

The right balance in week 67

Things are going very much to plan so far in week 67. This week's target is 10 miles a day for 7 days.  It's an amount of miles I'm well capable of achieving and is very much the first stepping stone to the ultimate target of 32 miles a day for 7 days in August.

My training week started with the 10.5 mile Peter's Pies 6 Tyne Bridges Challenge on Sunday. On Monday I ran  up a few climbs in Jesmond Dene and followed that up with a session on the treadmill. Yesterday's run was 10.3 miles from Gosforth to Rowlands Gill. Katy was there to pick me up at the end (as she's done quite a lot lately).

The first run today was 5.2 miles from Heaton to David Fairlamb's gym in Tynemouth. I then had my usual 90 minute personal training session with Mark Fleming before running the 5.2 miles back to my car in Heaton. No problems there at all.

I've got to say that I'm pleased and quite surprised at how quick my fitness has come back after 4 weeks off with that chest infection.Confidence continues to return more and more each day too. 

I've got 3 more days of 10 mile runs this week and I'm on target to get about 72 miles done this week as well as David Fairlamb's Beach Bootcamp. Everything has been setup this week to achieve the mileage. i.e. working slightly fewer hours, doing less school runs and Katy has been on hand to pick me up when required. All the lessons learned last year have been put into practice this week and so far it's paying off.

Next week I've only got 50 miles to run to it's my turn to do more school runs and I'll be making up those lost hours at work. At long last I seem to have found a good work/life/training balance. Maintaining this balance will be absolutely vital in the coming months.