Thursday, 5 November 2009

Really enjoying week 53

It's got to be said that I'm really enjoying week 53 of training. Of course, the week got off to a flyer with that 37 mile epic on Sunday. The so called 5 mile "recovery" run that followed on Monday was nothing short of excruciating. Tuesday was a well earned rest day and a rare day out of the office too. This meant that I was able to do some shopping in town and walking around the shops really helped my aching legs.

It was back to business on Wednesday with a run to and from the office at the start and end of the day respectively. In between those runs was a deep tissue massage where the treatment to my quads was unbelievably painful! My hamstrings and calf muscles weren't too bad at all thankfully!

That massage seemed to have paid dividends straight away with 2 quicker runs today (Thursday). My legs felt like brand new on the final run of the day (4 miles in 00:34:39) . It's hard to believe that I ran 37 miles 4 days ago based on how good my legs feel today. This is in stark contrast to the last time I ran 37 miles where I was in a lot of pain for most of the week.

Tomorrow will be an early start and I'm planning on joining Carl Hudson for a few laps around the Town Moor. Carl is in training for the very first Town Moor marathon on the 22nd of this month. That early run should be about 7 miles or so. I'll be doing a similar distance at lunchtime before finishing the day with a 4 mile run back to Baltic Quay where we are living at the moment (hence the photo).

Saturday will see a return to Beach Bootcamp and a 9 mile run afterwards to St Mary's Lighthouse. That should give me between 80 and 90 miles this week which will be the biggest mileage for quite some time.

Then it starts all over again with a brand new concept run for Sunday morning. As I was walking over the Millennium Bridge tonight I had a brain wave. "How about running across all of the bridges from the Millennium Bridge all the way down to the Scotswood Bridge and back" I thought. Great idea! So if anyone would like to join me for a gentle run on Sunday morning, I'll be leaving the Newcastle side of the Millennium Bridge at 9 am. I hope to see you there for 9 - 10 miles of easy running.