Monday, 8 June 2009

A slight change of plan.

The Chevy Chase doesn't fit nicely with my training schedule so I've decided to change things round a bit. This Sunday will see me start a 95 mile week as planned. Once that is over, however, I intend to get straight into the 100 mile week. So that's 195 miles to be ran in 14 days. Ooya!

I'll then enjoy 6 full rest days before taking part in the 53rd Chevy Chase on Saturday the 4th of July. Pictured is one of the summits of the route (The Cheviot) standing proud at 2674 ft.

After the Chevy Chase I'll have a week in the gym before attempting 105 miles the following week. If all goes to plan with that then I'll have a crack at 110 miles in the last week of July. I should be back in some kind of routine after this, with a week in the gym followed by a week of running 110 miles, etc etc. 

I should learn a lot about what I'm capable of over the coming weeks and months. Quality running is what I'm after. As soon as the quality goes then I'll reduce the mileage and come back stronger until I can do it properly. That's not going to happen without one hell of a fight though! Run Geordie Run indeed!