Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Business as usual

I'm pleased to report that the headache I've been suffering for the last few days has finally gone. Even more pleasing is the fact that I managed some inclines in Jesmond Dene today during a 6 mile run.

The conditions were very hot and humid indeed. Thanks to my training in Egypt a few months ago this was no problem whatsoever. Almost the entire surface in the Dene was slippy underfoot. It was good practice for Saturday's 20 mile Chevy Chase run.

Speaking of which, I had a bad dream about that particular run last night. The dream was all about not taking any water with me for the course and instead opting for speed due to my reduced payload. Madness!

I don't tend to do that many ogranised races but when I do I tend to get very nervous for one reason or another. The Blaydon Race, for example, had the pressure of wanting to run a sub 50 minute time. Next year I'll be gunning for a sub 45 minute time and the nerves will no doubt re-appear. The pressure of the Chevy Chase is simply to beat the cut off time of 6 hours and be recognised as a finisher! Simple really!