Thursday, 14 May 2009

What will you be doing in 2 years time?

What will you be doing on this day in 2 years time? If all goes to plan, I will have reached Las Vegas on Day 10 of the run from California to New York.

That brings me nicely on to the photo to the right where my mentor and trainer Mark Fleming and his Fiancee, Sharon Burgess recently got engaged. I'd like to say that Mark is pictured here popping the question wearing his Run Geordie Run t-shirt but I believe the "deed" was done after watching the fountain show outside the Bellagio Hotel. A hearty congratulations to them both.

And that brings me nicely onto a reminder that you too can pop the question in a Run Geordie Run t-shirt. I can't help you out with the engagement ring but I am able to offer Run Geordie Run t-shirts in all sizes from Small to XXL. If you would like a t-shirt then please drop me a line at  T-shirts are priced at £10. Thanks to Peter McCowie for paying the production costs, the full £10 goes to St Benedict's Hospice or The Children's Foundation. The t-shirts are screen printed for durability and feature the Run Geordie Run logo as well as those of the 2 charities. The details of the 3100 mile run are on the back of the t-shirt. All in all it's a cracking bit of kit to wear to the gym or just to knock around the doors in while supporting 2 excellent local charities.

As an added incentive, all buyers of a t-shirt can submit a photo of themselves to (like the one above) wearing the t-shirt in an exotic or unusual place.  In September 2009, I'll ask the Run Geordie Run Facebook group members to judge the best one. The winner will receive a prize as well as my thanks for buying a t-shirt and making a valuable contribution to 2 great local causes.