Wednesday 20 May 2009

Week 29 - Day 4.

I managed to do 15.6 miles today over 3 sessions; 3.6, 7 and 5 miles. This leaves only 36.9 miles left to do for the target of 85 for the week. Thanks to an improved diet this week, I've found that recovery times between runs haven't been as long and I've got far fewer aches and pains than usual. It's now getting to the stage where some days all I seem to do is run, work for 3 hours, run, work for another 4 hours, then run again, tea then bed. I've even started to dream about running again! You can read all about the last time that happened by clicking here.

Anyway! All of these short, sharp sessions are geared towards the Blaydon Race in 3 weeks time. Once that is out of the way, I will embark on longer runs spread over fewer sessions. According to my training schedule, I'm due to run 95 miles the week following the Blaydon Race. I haven't had a spare minute to sit down and plan those sessions yet or indeed the 90 mile week before it. The less time I've got to think about it the better! Just give me my trainers, chuck me out onto the road and I'll get on with it.