Thursday, 20 November 2008

Hmmmm.....time for a little adjustment!

I'm into the third week of training and while things could hardly be going any better I'm just a little concerned at how little time I've got left in the week to spend with Katy and Jack. Currently, I don't get in until after 7:30pm four nights of the week and this doesn't seem right somehow. So it's time for a rethink!

The first thing I'm going to try next week is to move 2 of the evening workouts to early in the morning! This is a big ask! A really big ask! But with 4 morning school drop offs per week there is an ideal opportunity to get 2 runs in somewhere beforehand. Tuesday evenings will stay the same with the back to back Spinning and Body Pump classes that form part of TOUGH TUESDAY. I think I'll keep Thursday evenings the same too with another Body Pump session. I'm actually starting to feel the benefit of those classes so it's important I stick at them. Friday's will still be a 34 mile round trip to work and back for now and of course I have 5 lunchtimes per week to make use of! I'll see how much more time this gives me with Katy and Jack and if further fine tuning is needed I'll make further changes. I'm sure, though, that it won't need too much adjustment to get the required 12 hours or so of exercise in while leaving enough family time. Quite how I'll manage to get 25 hours per week in by next Summer is something I'll have to really have a good long think about in the coming months. Watch this space!

Meanwhile, this Saturday I'll be taking Jack to Beachkid Bootcamp at Tynemouth Beach. This session, of course, runs alongside the grown up's Beach Bootcamp! He then has tennis in the afternoon! His weekend activities are starting to resemble mine!