Thursday 18 May 2023

Sponsorship prospectus for 2025 complete

The sponsorship prospectus for the 2025 run is now in the hands of St. Benedict's Hospice for comment and sign off. Of course, it sets out the level of support that is needed and what those kind folk will receive in return. It’s packed full of great images and memories of miles gone by. I’m able to share a few of my favourites. 

I’m very pleased to report that there is a couple of thousand of pounds in the pipeline pledged to the Hospice already. That boggles my mind considering the stage of planning I’m currently at. There are also two kind folk who have expressed an interest in being on the support team. 

The next milestone in the build up this run will be announced on Monday. I’ve got ambitious plans to bring people on this journey at a level never before seen. Monday’s announcement is the first small step towards that.