Sunday 7 May 2023

Progress made on 2025 run

It’s an early start today as much as yesterday was a late finish. Let me explain. 

After months of trying to write a sponsorship prospectus for a potential massive run in 2025 I finally made a huge amount of progress yesterday. The thing that helped was finalising a route that I’d struggled to get right for the last 6 months. Thankfully, I now have a trans continental route so mind bogglingly difficult in terms of logistics never mind running the thing. Without the experience of the previous 10,000 miles (across the USA, Australia and so on) I would not have even contemplated it. This next run feels very “next level” and I’ll have to up my game in many respects. 

Anyway, that’s the tease over with. I expect to have a full proposal for St. Benedict’s Hospice to sign off on before this long weekend is over. I’ve been in contact with the fundraising staff on numerous occasions about the 2025 run, so hopefully that will go smoothly. Once that’s done, attention will turn to the “big announcement” which I hope will be in June. 

Incidentally, that will be 30 years since I started raising funds for St. Benedict's Hospice. That fact and all of the generosity shown by so many people fills me with a huge amount of pride. I’m not one to rest on my laurels, however. There are still thousands of miles to run and pounds to raise. 

So after a midnight finish last night, I’m back working on my prospectus again this morning. I’ll be taking a long break to visit St. James Park, of course later today. The photo below was taken there just after the 2011 run across the USA (in a size small t-shirt!!). 

I’m hugely excited about another massive run and the funds that it could bring in to St. Benedict’s Hospice. While it would be the most difficult run to date, it is also going to require the biggest amount of support too. I look forward to talking more about it over the next few months. Watch this space.