Tuesday 23 May 2023

Run Geordie Run TV

Taking people on the journey has always been part of my major events in the past. The run across ******** in 2025 will be no exception. 

The Run Geordie Run website and social media feeds have always served my events well and that will continue to be the case. The next run will see greater use of YouTube. This will not only be during the run itself but in the 2 year build up that remains. 

Just like the physical preparation for the run, producing quality content on YouTube will take a lot of practice. My hope is that by the time of the next big run during summer 2025 that I will have acquired the right level of skills to be able to produce some really great content. 

The location of the run in 2025 lends itself to awe inspiring cinematography. Adding in a huge dose of insightful commentary and genuine enthusiasm should see the run really come to life for viewers the world over. 

Whether you’re at home watching on a big screen or on a mobile or tablet the daily update from ***** will hopefully become essential viewing. Running 30+ miles every day for 100 day will only leave a small window of editing/uploading time each day. The challenge is not only to produce high quality engaging content but to do it very quickly. There’ll also be the usual daily blog on www.rungeordierun.com too to write. It promises to be a hectic 100 days. 

Over the coming weeks, there’ll be a small amount of Run Geordie Run content on YouTube. If all goes to plan then this will grow in frequency and quality of the coming months. Up and coming content will cover the build up to the 3000+ mile run including my search to find sponsors, training, diet, route plans, search for a support team and many other aspects. It’ll be a bit rough round the edges at first but come the run across ******* in 2025 it should be a slicker operation. 

If you’d like to subscribe to my channel then it can be found here.

PS. You'll see the use of ***** until the announcement of the next run during the last week of June.