Monday 19 April 2021

You'll sleep tonight

I’ve probably put the hardest shift in for nearly 3 years today (I think any day of the run to the Lakes and back towing Chappie would be the equivalent). Outside of running around the world, seldom have I been so exhausted at the end of a day. That’s just how I hoped it would play out. 

What I’m trying to learn, unlike previous training campaigns, is how to fuel myself properly. During the build up to the run across the USA, 30 plus mile training runs were commonplace. The calorie deficit during those days led to an appetite that I failed to control. I basically used to grab any snack available (and lots of them). Needless to say that I started the run across the USA at a whopping 18.5 stone (picture on the left). Of course, it finished up with me weighing almost 6 stone and 30% body fat lighter (picture on the right) but those early days in the USA were even tougher than they otherwise would have been. 

I’m determined not to repeat the mistakes of the past but there is a lot to learn and experiment with. Take today for example. I started the training day with a short, sharp session at David Fairlamb Fitness at 0715. That was a tough start to the day but I gave everything even knowing I had another 3 sessions to get through during the day. Breakfast was fried eggs with spinach and tomatoes. 

I had my usual porridge for lunch in order to fuel the afternoon sessions. The rest of the morning was spent working on the new Run Geordie Run leaflet that I’ll be handing out. I just need to finish the inside fold out. It’s looking really good and tells a good story of Run Geordie Run and where I’ll be running next in aid of St. Benedict's Hospice. 

The second session of the day was a 10 mile run starting and ending at Dave’s gym. I actually managed 9.3 miles before getting back to the gym and walked the rest for a cool down. In theory, it should have been 5 miles out and 5 back. That plan changed when a car clipped my arm between West and East Holywell. I’ve no idea what it was doing driving so close to me on the right side of the road. As either the bonnet or wing mirror hit my left arm I almost slapped myself in the face. To say that I was furious is an understatement. That was compounded when I realised the owner of the white SUV wasn’t going to stop. Probably just as well for them. Although, I’ve never actually had a fight so I could have ended up with more than a sore arm had the driver stopped. I can’t stand injustice and cowardice. I just hope there is such a thing as karma. But seriously, I hope that driver never comes so close to a runner or cyclist as they did with me. 

I didn’t run back the same way after the 5 mile point and stuck to the absolutely superb Wagon Ways of North Tyneside. They are definitely to be explored further some day soon. 

When I arrived back at Dave’s gym I refuelled with a couple of bananas. They were my staple during the run from John O’Groats to Lands End. I think they have become the same again as an alternative to a so called “energy bar”. I enjoyed stretching my legs at a brisk walking pace to get the day’s total to 10. Sessions 3 and 4 were a double session back at Dave’s gym. The third session still had a lot of quality about it. It was a case of this machine, that machine, body weight exercises and so on. The session flew over. 

The fourth and final session of the day was a repeat of session 3. This time however, I really had to dig in. And I mean really dig in to find any quality. It was just a case of survival for the last 20 minutes and I actually felt quite emotional. It’s the kind of emotion that a runner generally experienced towards the end of the Great North Run. I think I was secretly pleased and relieved that I’m making progress. Oh, that and receiving a very nice email from a new sponsor who will be supplying “energy drinks”. More on that later in the week. Suffice to say, that I’ll be unbelievably proud to have their logo on my kit. You’ll see why later in the week. 

So an up and down day although 99% ups and 1% down. Thankfully, tomorrow involves visiting my new sponsor and my scheduled 10 mile run will happen later in the day. I’m sure the Cherry Active that I’ve just had (thanks Active Edge) together with a lot of recovery time will mean I start running in decent fettle tomorrow. 

I’ll close today by saying a huge thanks to Dave Fairlamb for all of the support and encouragement he’s giving me. He was literally, Mickey to my Rocky today. Actually, the final thank you is to Donna. As soon as I got in tonight the tea was ready. Turkey breast steaks and rice went down very well. It wasn’t too big a portion but there were seconds there should I wished. They have gone into a tub for tomorrow’s lunch. 

So with 4500 calories burned (if my gadgets are to be believed) and 1800 consumed I’d say this has been a decent day on the food/fuel front. I could have done with something mid run but it’s a very pleasing day overall. As my Mam and Dad used to say “You’ll sleep tonight”.

PS. News just in..... Just when you thought you were finished for the day. Challenge accepted Apple Watch. 

This is becoming a regular thing. So close to a move goal most days. This can only mean one thing “Hey Siri play YMCA”. 2 verses in and boom. It took a full song one day last week. 

Winning! Zzzzzzzzz........