Friday, 9 April 2021

Steven Bell Property Rentals - New Sponsor

It appears sponsors are like buses! You wait for one, then a whole load come along at the same time. Hot on the heels of the support pledged by Chapman Ventilation and Taylored Fit Physio this week is Northumberland based Steven Bell Property Rentals

One thing about the current set of sponsors is that while they all vary in size and scale, they are all family owned and run. Steven Bell Property Rentals is no exception. The company logo will sit proudly on my left shoulder while I undertake the gruelling 250 mile route around Northumberland dubbed "Stage X" of the run around the world this July.

A huge thank you to Steven Bell Property Rentals for kind support. Their support along with the other sponsors has had a significant impact on the total amount raised for St. Benedict's Hospice during this current campaign. Watch out for news of that on Sunday.