Tuesday, 12 April 2016

The climbs in Europe

I decided to create a graph representing the summit of each of the 16 major climbs I'll be running up in Europe. I kind of wish that I hadn't.

I did a lot of uphill running during the run across the USA but nothing anywhere near on the scale of  Europe. Day 44 in the USA was a run up to the summit of Berthoud pass (pictured below) at 11,000 ft. To this day, it remains one of the greatest days of running that I've ever had. 

People who know me are fully aware that I enjoy a mountain to run up. Give me 41 miles in the Rocky Mountains over a 41 miles on the long straight and flat roads of Australia any day.

The images below were taken from my GPS data from day 44 in the USA and recently uploaded into Veloviewer and Strava.

I'll be uploading similar images from each of the 16 major climbs in Europe. It should really help to illustrate just how difficult each climb is and bring the slopes to life.