Monday, 11 April 2016

Run Geordie Run Support Team vacancies

For 95 days out of the 100 days it will take to run 3,400 miles across Europe there are at least 2 people on support team duty. For the remaining 5 days (day 85 - 89), Andrew Skelton (pictured below) is unaccompanied. We've already lost 1 person in this slot but had hoped that Andrew could help us through that shortfall in personnel. 

In a cruel twist of fate Andrew suffered a fracture in his right foot at the weekend. This is a huge stroke of bad luck which means that Andrew won't be "fit enough to carry out support team duties to the standard that is required and expected".

We wish Andrew a speedy recovery. I know from speaking to him today, just how deeply disappointed he is and he feels that he has "let the team down". This isn't the case but I know that is little consolation to Andrew. Thankfully, his very caring wife Karen will be on hand to nurse him back to health. Just when you thought she couldn't possibly run around after him any more than she currently does. But seriously, get well soon Andrew.

Andrew's absence means that there are now 3 support team slots that require filling. They are as follows:

North East Spain

Sunday May 8th to Monday May 16th. Vigo to Dijon. 1 person needed.

A flight into Vigo on the 8th May and out of Gijon on the 16th May would be required. 

Serbia, Bulgaria

Friday July 22nd to Friday July 29th. Belgrade to Sofia. 2 people needed.

A flight into Belgrade on the July 22nd and out of Sofia on July 29th would be required. 

Support Team Duties

Being a member of the Run Geordie Run Support Team is one of the most difficult and rewarding jobs there is..... or so any previous member of the team often tells me. Driving a large Motor Home (the one we had in the USA is pictured below), ensuring that, as the support nerve centre, it is functioning at the optimum level at all times, is just one of many tasks that needs to be undertaken.

Ensuring the safety of the runner, cooking, cleaning, identifying safe overnight stops, liaising with local police (inevitably a motor home in the middle of nowhere can be seemed as suspicious!), spreading the word about the run to passers by, not getting lost, ensuring that the route is safe depending on changing conditions and coming up with quick and effective solutions to whatever problem or hindrance occurs are just the tip of the iceberg when talking about support team duties. Support man Steve Harrison is pictured below driving in the USA.

The support team pay for their own flights and any accommodation (if needed) at the respective airport. Accommodation is provided for you en route, obviously in the form of the RV.

There are a whole host of pictures of the previous support teams on the Run Geordie Run Facebook page here.