Thursday, 14 April 2016

Posters in the RV

The images below are just a sample of World War II style posters that will be displayed in various places in the RV motorhome. While it's a slightly tongue in cheek approach, the posters will serve as a reminder of many key points to the support team and myself.

Particular attention is being given to safeguarding against being behind schedule. i.e. the "mileage deficit".  Losing miles will lead to huge problems logistically. The issue is that the support team plan has a lot of "moving parts". In real terms, this means a lot of support team changes. People coming and going from specific airports at specific times means there is very little margin for error.

There has always been a mileage deficit in any run that I've ever done. Somehow, in the USA I clawed back 5 days of running during the last 3 weeks to finish on time in Coney Island. I was having to run 40 - 45 miles consistently when the original requirement was just to do 31 in the USA.

In Australia, the mileage deficit was massive and the damage to my feet, my mental state and the size of the support team meant that it couldn't be clawed back. Given the difficulties that we faced it was a miracle that I was able to reach the finish line at Shellharbour at all. It still remains the hardest fought and greatest victory to date. If I get to the finish line in Europe on time or, indeed, at all, I have no doubt that the 3400 miles from Lisbon to Istanbul will eclipse the previous 3 segments of the run around the world. 

Eating the correct types of foods is always important. The main problem that I had during the run across the USA and Australia was eating enough food. Ironically, the opposite problem that I have in regular life! 

The poster below is a reminder to all that fuel and water on the RV is a precious commodity. Every drop of water that comes out of the taps or shower must be replaced. To do that costs time and fuel to get to a place where the water can be filled up. We must be very mindful of this as a team.

I have a £7 per day food budget. Again, every scrap of food must be used very wisely. Any leftovers must be used where possible. That is a budget for a person who will be burning over 6000 calories per day.

I'll publish the other posters over the coming weeks across my social media pages. You can get to my Twitter, Instagram or Facebook pages using the links in the header at the top of this page.