Saturday, 23 June 2012

Staring death in the face

I've got numerous tough training runs planned during the Summer of 2012 including a non-stop run between, my sponsor, Benfield Motor Group's dealerships in Carlisle and Newcastle. That particular route is 57 miles approximately and will be done during the first week of August. I'll be attempting a non-stop 24 hour run 3 weeks later. This will be done around my old 6 Tyne Bridges route taking in The Millennium, Tyne, Swing, High Level, Redheugh and Scotswood Bridges. It's a 10.5 mile route. I'll hopefully manage to get round 6 or 7 times.

Finally, in September I'll be returning to the USA to do a run through Death Valley. I expect temperatures to be consistently over 40 degrees Celsius. This will be more than ideal preparation for next year's run across Australia.

I'm currently looking into several options but the favourite so far is a 135 mile route from Badwater, Death Valley (280 ft  below sea level and the lowest elevation in the Western Hemisphere) to Mt. Whitney Portals at nearly 8,300 ft above sea level.

If I manage to get through the Summer of 2012 pretty much unscathed I should be in good mental and physical shape and more than ready for the remaining 12 months of training before the 2600 mile run across Australia in 2013.