Saturday, 30 June 2012

Death Valley route finalised

Following a week of research, I've finally come up with a training route in the USA that should prove to be a really tough test indeed. In early September, I'll be starting out near Stovepipe Wells Village, situated in the north west point of the image below. The route will then descend below sea level and into Death Valley. The lowest point of the route is Badwater Basin at 282 ft below sea level.

The end of the route is some 73 miles later in the south east at Jubilee Pass where I will reach a point above sea level. 

This will be the third and final major test of my Summer 2012 training schedule. As you can probably tell from the images below this is going to be a stern test.

If I get through this particular run with some degree of success then it should give me a tremendous boost going into the final 12 months of training for Australia 2013.

I daydream on a daily basis about last year's run across the USA. The chance to return there and attempt a run of this difficulty is a tremendous opportunity. Death Valley is set firmly in my sights, just as the Mojave Desert and The Rocky Mountains were once over. As ever, there is so much hard work to be done between now and September.