Thursday 21 January 2010

New "Pie Runner" prepares for Paras!

I'm pleased to report that I'm feeling stronger during every run ever since making my comeback to running last week. It seems that the four week break hasn't set me back too far and I'm starting to enjoy getting the miles in again following that nasty chest infection.

Sunday saw a return to the 10.5 mile Peter's Pies 6 Tyne Bridges Challenge. I was accompanied by regular runners Kevin Lister (far left) and Tom Higham (far right).

I was also joined this week by 17 year old, first time "Pie Runner" Lewis Edes (2nd right) who is preparing to join the Parachute Regiment. It was great to have him join us for 10.5 miles along the Tyne. I actually felt quite flattered and, dare I say it, quite proud, that he'd chosen to run with us as part of his preparations to join such an esteemed elite Regiment of  the British Army.

Not as proud as his parents must be mind you! You could tell straight away by his attitude that he's a great kid. As with all of the other runners, I look forward to him joining us in the coming weeks and months on a Sunday morning.

Please remember that this casual Sunday morning run is open to anyone who would like to join me. It's a 10.5 mile run taking in the bridges of the Tyne from the Millennium to the Scotswood before returning back to Newcastle Quayside. We set off from the Newcastle side of the Millennium Bridge at 9 am and the run can take anywhere between 01:37:00 to 01:45:00 to complete. As you can tell it's not done at a serious pace but it's a good chance to get some time on your feet and have a bit of banter with fellow runners on the way round. It's also a good chance to see 6 of the Tyne Bridges up close in one fell swoop.

Thanks again go to Peter's Pies for sponsoring the run.