Monday, 11 January 2010

The big comeback!

After 4 weeks of rest due to a chest infection I made my comeback today. I must admit that I was dreading it somewhat, as it's been 16 months since I had a break from running as long as that. Also, if you factor in the amount of chocolate I've consumed over Christmas then the signs were that today was going to be a tough run.

Today's route was a 6 mile course through the streets of Gosforth, round the Town Moor and back again. Thankfully, I had the company of 2 regular running partners in John Brettell and Carl Hudson. There wasn't the usual level of banter today as all 3 of us were on the comeback trail. Minds seemed to be more focussed on just getting round.

The last few runs I managed in December were done with a chest infection. It was amazingly refreshing to run today without the slightest hint of any breathing problems whatsoever. I was especially surprised at how good I felt at the end. I know it's only 6 miles but after such a long break I just didn't expect the quality of run that I put in today.

I've made many a "comeback run" over the last 18 years and I can safely say that this is probably the best one I've ever had. At the very least, it's such a relief to be running without any breathing problems. Long may that continue!

I reckon I'm only 3 weeks away from getting the training schedule back on track. I'll be running every day this week with a gym session with personal trainer Mark Fleming on Thursday and Beach Bootcamp on Saturday morning. Sunday will see a long overdue return to the Peter's Pies 6 Tyne Bridges Challenge. As regular readers will know, this 10.5 mile route takes in each bridge from the Millennium to the Scotswood before finishing at the Quayside market. The start time is 9 am for anyone interested in joining me. I hope to see as many of you there as possible.