Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Achy Breaky Quads!

I said this morning that things would start to get trickier after today's 6 mile run. Well they have begun to already with some soreness in my quad muscles, probably as a result of yesterday's 11.5 mile run. I've ran many miles during this current training campaign having rarely suffered any aches or pains. When they do occur, I tend to notice them straight away. Once I get back to the UK I'll be doing a bit of research in an attempt to find out why it has happened. It'll have something to do with the 28 degree heat and loss of electrolytes perhaps. It'll be good to expand my knowledge on the subject.

Other than my aching quads, tonight's 6 mile run was a formality. I'm getting used to the little out and back route around Nabq Bay and the armed guys at the Police checkpoint no longer stop me and just wave me through. I even got a thumbs up from some of them today which is a lot more encouraging than 2 days ago when they all started shouting at me. They must have thought I was up to no good but as soon as I explained my intentions to the English speaking Policeman everyone calmed down and I was allowed to proceed with my run.

The final time for this afternoon's 6 mile run was 00:56:28 with mile 6 being clocked at 00:08:27. That's it for the late afternoon runs now with 3 midday runs planned between now and Saturday. I think I'll try the same 6 mile route tomorrow, 7 miles the following day and the 11.5 mile route again on Saturday. By my calculations that'll give me 50 miles for the week. It's not going to be easy though. Far from it. In fact the next 3 runs will be the most difficult I've done during 23 weeks of training. I'll keep you posted!