Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Confidence high after 2 very good runs

What better way to spend a lunch break than to run 9.1 miles in a big loop around Gosforth on a warm and sunny day. I felt like I could run all the way to Land's End there and then, such were my apparent energy levels. I'll put that one down to Katy's superb pasta the night before. I finished today's run in 01:30:10 which was at a slightly slower pace than yesterday's 00:54:00 for 6 miles. However, today's run was a solo effort. Yesterday, I was accompanied by Jimmy and John and they set a very good pace for me to keep at (slow for them I might add!).

All in all, my confidence is very high. I'm looking forward to and enjoying nearly every training run (Those ones in the dark weren't the slightest bit enjoyable!) . I'm running injury free. I'm almost a stone lighter than I was in January. My recovery times are virtually nil. I'm sure you get the idea!

I must give some credit for my progress in the last 6 months to my colleagues at Northern Rock. I often run in the company of some very accomplished runners. Many of whom have taken time out to do a "slow" run with me just to keep me company. Their encouragement is appreciated and they still have a major part to play in getting me up to the required standard for the big run in the summer.