Sunday, 19 June 2011

Day 48 - Storms!

I set off east of Byers, Colorado just after 8 this morning. I met the Support Team for breakfast after 8 miles and I was so tired that I had to have a tactical snooze. This was very bad timing because after only 5 more miles the weather started to close in. I had been running alongside a race track and was running quite slow to enjoy watching the cars. They ranged from Porsches to old bangers to a formula 1 car! They were great to watch after so many miles of repetitively straight undulating road.

I just got past the race track when the thunder and lightning storm caught up to me. I increased the pace a bit to try and keep ahead of it but it was no good. The RV turned up in the nick of time. The lightning bolts were mightily impressive and the deluge of rain lasted for a few hours. 

I sat tight until the storm passed over and was on my way again at 04:30 pm. The storm was visible to the south and also stretched directly in front of me. I had already told the team that I was going to run for as long as it took to get the intended 32 miles done.

I reached the 27 mile point with the storm in close proximity. The lightning strikes were getting closer and I decided to call it a day before I got struck. It was a frustrating end to the day.