Sunday, 5 June 2011

Day 34 - Goodbye Utah, Hello Colorado

It was no surprise that I had a great start to the day given yesterday’s 14.9 mile session. I stopped for breakfast after 5 miles and, after a shorter than usual break, I was on my way through a road that was under construction. The RV had to make a detour as a result.

As I left Vernal, I thought just how well-mannered the dogs were that I passed this morning. Four miles further on, however, two little Terriers went out of their way to chase me. Instead of doing my usual sprint, I stopped and shooed them back to their house on the other side of the road. I’m quite certain that this prevented them from getting knocked over as the highway was particularly busy.

Another 2 miles down the road and it was the turn of two Doberman’s to chase me in full view of their owner. All I could think of at the times was “Run Forrest Run”, which became “Run Geordie Run” as I legged it. Yet again, I am certain that I set a new world 100-metre record. Usain Bolt giving Linford Christie a piggyback while running downhill with a strong wind to his back would not have caught me.  I’m now packing a considerable anti-dog deterrent.  I sincerely hope that I don’t have to use it. My tactic is to run away as fast as I can. If that ever fails, it would be with great regret that I have to cause a dog any harm.

I saw the team at the 15 mile point and, feeling strong, I shouted for them to go another 2 miles. Previously, one thing that I’ve have got wrong during this run is stopping for a break too soon. It is something I will endeavor to put right during the remaining 66 days.

A mile further down the road, I spoke on the Three Legends Show on Real Radio. As ever, it was a great thrill to talk live on-air about the run. I’ll be speaking to them again next Friday and, of course, to Gary and Lisa and the Real Radio Breakfast show on Tuesday morning.

I met the support team at the 17 mile point for a lunch break with Colorado seemingly in the distance. Having to run in tracksuit bottoms continued to frustrate me given the warm conditions. At least, the itching on my legs had stopped.

The climb out of Utah was spectacular. I took the opportunity to glance over my shoulder every now and again. There were snow capped mountains, red rock hills, jagged mountains and the impressive Green River. As I climbed away from it all I wrote the following on Twitter.

"A lone eagle soars high against a backdrop of a beautful blue sky. All is quiet save for my footsteps and a gentle breeze. Farewell Utah.".

Shelli accompanied me for the final 3.7 miles into Colorado. It was nice to have somebody to talk to after so many solo miles on the road.

I arrived at the Colorado state line after 33.7 miles. What greeted me was the sound of a howling Coyote. It was a very spectacular sound I must say. Welcome to Colorado!