Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Day 51 - A tough stormy day

Today was an extremely tough day. I started running in very windy conditions. I was only a mile down the way when I got an absolute soaking. By the time I got to the first stop for breakfast at 5 miles I was wet through! 

I waited an hour until the rain subsided before continuing on. The challenge this time was a very strong wind. Sometimes it was a full on headwind and other times it was a cross wind. It was very difficult to run in and sapped what little energy I seemed to have today.

I got to the 10 mile point and told the Support Team that enough was enough. For the 4th time in 51 days I had hit the wall. More mentally than physically on this day I think.

Later on in the day, I came up with a slightly new approach to the up and coming days. Generally, I run much faster in the mornings. So tomorrow would see a 16 mile target before noon. I'd then take a 90 minute break for lunch (although tomorrow it would have to be shortened due to the time zone change that would happen at around noon once I reached Kansas). Following lunch the aim was 12 miles before 5 pm. A more than achievable target that would allow a few water changes if needed. The final session of the day would be done after an hour's break and would be at least 6 miles. A short distance compared to the other 2 sessions. This kind of approach is one that I've used most day's in the past. However, it's success wholly depended on the Support Team getting their backsides up on a morning and getting the RV to the start line ready for me running by 0630. Oh and of course it depended on me getting my backside out of bed too!

Tomorrow is another day to do battle out on the roads. Strong winds are forecast and it is going to be another challenging day. They are all challenging one way or another. I wouldn't have it any other way.