Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Day 58 - Breakdown

I was 5 miles into the run today when news reached me that the RV wouldn't start. I'd already run through Smith Center and wasn't prepared to turn back. Instead, I knew that I had enough water to see me through a few hours and carried on regardless. I was secretly very pleased that the RV had broken down as a) we have roadside assistance for these things and b) it was a chance to try and get as many miles done before the RV was fixed and ready to meet me again. In other words, I was racing against the RV. This gave me a lot of focus and I was able to get mind and body working in unison. When this happens I run much faster and the miles fly by.

I put news of the RV breakdown on Twitter and one of my followers rang the local police who appeared to bring me a few bottles of water. I like to share my experiences on Twitter. Perhaps I should have kept this one quiet. It's me and my Support Team's call as to wether to involve the local authorities.

A few miles down the road I met a cyclist called Tom who was going cross country. He handed me a wooden crucifix and we swapped information on our progress etc. As has been the case in the past, it was great to meet a kindred spirit.

A few miles further down the road I reached a marker indicating that I was very close to the Geographic Centre of the USA. Sadly, there was not enough time to visit the exact location as I had an RV to race.

I was really striding out between miles 15 and 19 and even though the sun was beating down I felt really good. I eventually met the by now mended RV at the 19 mile point. I had hoped to get to around 22 miles before I saw it but hunger had set in. After lunch and a very short tactical snooze I was on my way again.

4 miles later and the rest of that tactical snooze was needed. I had lost all of the momentum that saw me get to the 19 mile point with a bit of quality and the intense heat of the day meant that each mile was incredibly tough. There's a lesson to be learned there!

Once again, as soon the sun set I found a bit of pace. I made it to Mankato after 33.5 miles of running. That is yet another good haul of miles in very difficult conditions. Despite the soaring temperatures, I've now found a bit of consistency with 227.35 miles ran over the last 7 days. It's important that I maintain this standard and when the Big Guns (Mark Fleming, Dave Fairlamb and Steve Harrison) arrive next week I'll be using them to push me on to get a few extra miles in here and there.

Thanks to those kind folks who helped to get the fund for St Benedict's Hospice over the £20,000 mark. The fund for The Children's Foundation is only slightly behind and I hope that the overall total will pass £40,000 very soon.

If you would like to sponsor my run then donations can be made in a number of ways. www.justgiving.com have introduced a brilliant new free donation method. Did you know that you can now donate to the 2 charities using your mobile phone?

To donate an amount to St Benedict's Hospice, please text your desired amount and the following code RNGR98 to 70070:

To donate an amount to The Children's Foundation, please text your desired amount and the following code RNGR99 to 70070:

Donations can also be made direct to St Benedict's Hospice and The Children's Foundation using the following links to justgiving.com.

(St Benedict's Hospice)

(The Children's Foundation)

Finally, a donation can be made via cheque payable to 'The Children's Foundation' or 'St Benedict's Hospice' and sent to the following addresses:

FAO Libby Nolan
The Children's Foundation,
PO Box 2YB,
Sir James Spence Institute,
Victoria Wing,
Royal Victoria Infirmary,
Queen Victoria Road,
Newcastle upon Tyne.
NE99 2YB.

FAO Sylvia Stoneham
St Benedict's Hospice.
Monkwearmouth Hospital,
Newcastle Road,
SR5 1NB.

Thanks in advance for any donations. I will get round to thanking everyone personally, via email, when I return to the UK in August.