Thursday, 9 June 2011

Day 38 - The Rockies in touching distance

Day 38 started in Craig, Colorado with the mosquitos that had plagued me still present. I was prepared this time, however, with plenty of bug spray on. It worked a treat and those pesky varmints kept their distance!

There were a lot of very nice ranches in the area and the further I ran the more the area looked like the Colorado I imagined.

I managed to run 16 miles before lunch. I was very pleased with that given the scorching hot conditions. Watching the Yumpa River flood various parts of the landscape helped pass the time. I think the snow that is still present in the mountains is melting quite late this year and seems to be causing all kinds of problems.

At the 18 mile point I was chased by a very persistent and very big white dog. "Here we go again" I thought! Unlike the previous day, I didn't have the legs to run very fast. Once again I had to resort to crossing the busy road 3 or 4 times to shake it off. Just in the nick of time, it eventually got bored of dodging traffic and found something else to do.

It was quite a day for spotting wildlife with Otters, Elk, Magpies(!) and birds of all shapes, colours and sizes in existence. There were the usual horses, cows and sheep too spread across the many fields of the many ranches I ran past.

Shelli kept me company for the final 4.8 miles of the day. Yet again, it was good to have some company on such a long day.

The day finished with the Rockies in touching distance after 33.1 miles of running. If all goes to plan tomorrow should see me climb right into them. It's going to be another tough day I reckon!