Monday, 13 June 2011

Day 42 - Coyote ugly!

Following another day of being eaten my Mosquitos I started this warm day by running in tracksuit bottoms. It's not a good look but at least it keeps the itching at bay! My bottoms are about 2 sizes too big for me now, which is great for morale!

It took me 8 miles to get to Kremmling where the RV was waiting fully loaded up with food and propane following a successful shopping trip.

Kremmling was a nice little town where we had stayed the night before. We had eaten dinner in a Saloon and, much to my disappointment, there was no wild west bar brawl to finish off the night. 

The following 9 miles (now in my shorts) to the next stop were very uncomfortable in the Colorado heat and I was surrounded on a few occasions by swarms of pesky Mosquitos. One good thing about being chased by them is that I do run faster!

I was very tired at the 17 mile point so a 2 hour "Tactical Snooze" was in order. After that, I was joined by Shelli for a few miles which made the time go quicker. I was desperate to get as far as I could past Hot Sulphur Springs so I put my foot down a bit during the 3rd and final session of the day. I entered Bryce Canyon next to the Colorado River at mile 23. Inspired by the fantastic surroundings the miles passed by pretty quickly. This is also symptomatic of my running after a "Tactical Snooze".

I made it to Hot Sulphur Springs just before it started to get dark. By the time it got dark, I managed to get a few miles past it for 29.7 miles in total. This leaves me approximately 23 miles to do tomorrow to reach the foot of Berthoud Pass before I tackle it's 11,308 ft summit.

We ate dinner while watching fireworks in Hot Sulphur Springs. They were having a 3 day festival and it was a nice way to end a hard day's running.