Monday, 6 June 2011

Day 35 - Into Colorado

I started running right on the Utah / Colorado border this morning, just 2 miles North West of Dinosaur. It was another hot day which meant that I had to carry more water and meet the RV more often.

Dinosaur was just a small town with a garage, a store and a Chinese Takeway! All of the streets were named after a particular Dinosaur.

8 miles into the run I saw some flashing lights next to the parked RV. I immediately increased my pace to see what the matter was. Once I got there I was relieved to find that “Protection Ranger Steve” had stopped by to see if the team were ok. Steve, a tri-athlete was interested to hear about the run. He gave me and the team a brief insight into the miles ahead before he was on his way. We were to see Steve a few more times during the day as he drive up and down the highway, which was reassuring.

I got almost to the half way point in need of motivation and Kirsty decided to run with me. Despite feeling in good physical form, my mind wasn’t in tune. It is really helpful having a pacemaker in front when things aren’t going 100% to plan. Kirsty was always mindful of my fluctuating pace and slowed down or sped up when needed. Before I knew it, we had got to the finish line with 30.5 miles ran in total. Kirsty managed to run 16.5 of those miles with me which was a huge help.

The team and I had a discussion at the overnight RV resting spot. We didn’t feel too safe there so we moved on to another spot which seemed far safer. I fell asleep that night listening to the howl of a Coyote. Shelli and Chef Stephen told me the next morning how they had heard Coyotes circling the RV during the night.