Friday, 17 June 2011

Day 47 - A very windy end to the day!

Day 47 started with a visit from the local Police (Ex pat Cop John, my running mate last Sunday) and his partner. John and his girlfriend Carrie have really looked after the Support Team and I and it was nice to say goodbyes and get a few photos.

As I made my way to the start line a Geordie called David Cardwell who, last year, had taken a Run Geordie Run t-shirt to Everest Base Camp appeared to say hello. He was with his dog, Shep and it was very nice to meet them.  

As the day went on I took the chance to keep looking back at the Rocky Mountains. Eventually, they disappeared right out of view. I look forward to the day when I see them again. I could have spent many more weeks running through them. The Rockies are definitely my favourite region of the run across the USA so far.

I ran into a strong headwind for most of the day. I had no complaints about this as it kept me quite cool on what was the hottest day for quite some time at 31 degrees celsius.

I could see a huge storm brewin' during the later stages of the run. As the sun went down the headwind turned into a swirling crosswind. It was easily the strongest wind I've ever ran in. Add to that the lightning storm that I could see in the distance and it was a very impressive end to the day.

Finishing just after 9 pm I managed to run 32.1 miles. This needs to be followed up with at least the same distance tomorrow. This will prove difficult as there are further storms forecast. As ever, I'm looking forward to the challenge.