Sunday, 30 May 2010

No running (obviously) but still a busy week!

I was discharged from hospital on Wednesday afternoon. Since then, I've been spending my time catching up with all of the admin, PR and planning associated with Run Geordie Run.

The first task was to give an interview to The Journal which was also picked up by The Evening Chronicle on Thursday. Ever since I started training for USA 2011, the Journal have been very good to me and this is the second time I've featured on the front page. I pity the poor readers that were eating their breakfast over this particular edition!

The Journal's headline on page 9 was "Unlucky break is a setback for epic run". The sub headline read "But dream of charity trek is not scuppered". I must admit, that's exactly how I felt when I lay on the floor just after I fell off my bike a week ago. It's also exactly how I feel writing this blog post right now. I'm still coming to terms with the fact that I've undergone an operation to have two pins inserted into my ankle. Without so much money for the 2 charities riding on a successful 3100 mile run next year, there's no way on earth I would have entertained having an operation. I would have let nature take it's course with the risk of the ankle not healing properly. Having that operation was a massive, massive decision for a big wimp such as me. If anyone ever doubted my commitment to raising funds for St Benedict's Hospice and The Children's Foundation then surely they must doubt no more.

Thanks once again to The Journal for some first class coverage. You can read the article here. Also, thanks to Dave Fairlamb (pictured left) for his phone call at 07:30 on Thursday morning! "You're in the Journal, you're in the Journal" he said as I was trying to enjoy my first lie in of 2010!

The next bit of PR was to give an interview to long running Newcastle United fanzine, The Mag. I've got every issue ever published since da1 one. Appearing in the Summer Special edition is going to be an absolute thrill for me as well as a good opportunity to spread the word about Run Geordie Run. It's out on the 4th of June. The Mag is available from many good newsagents in the North East.

I managed to read an interview that I gave a few weeks ago to a trainee journalist, Chris Conway, at The University of Sheffield. There is some audio in there too. It can be read and heard here.

I've been talking to Shelli Mayfield over the last few days. Shelli is the very kind lady who is looking after all of the Run Geordie Run PR in the USA.

Shelli issued a press release this week to various organisations and is currently working on a more detailed press pack. The press release appeared on soon after it's release. As a result of that, it wasn't long before CBS Radio in Detriot were in touch asking if it would be possible to do an interview during the actual run next year. The running network article can be viewed here.

I've also spent the last few days answering a lot of outstanding emails and continuing the exercise of plotting the route across the USA. You can view the route maps here.

All in all it's been a busy few days. I've been quite overwhelmed this week with all of the texts, emails, phone calls, Twitter and Facebook messages of support. My mentors David Fairlamb and Mark Fleming have been in constant contact and I've had the usual funny quips from my cycling buddies, The Men Of Steel (aka Steve Harrison, Ben Lavan, Martin Ibbotson and Mark Fleming). Keep the message coming folks. They really do brighten my day and will be a massive help as I return to fitness over the coming months.