Monday, 13 April 2009

An important few weeks ahead.

Before I departed for Egypt I mentioned that there were an important few weeks ahead in the USA 2011 training schedule. I came through last week with flying colours and with plenty of food for thought. This week sees the return to a gym week where I'll be doing a mixture of weights, general cardio and spinning classes. After a 3 week absence, I'm also looking forward to a return to Beach Bootcamp this Saturday and the steps afterwards. Oh how I've missed the steps!

Next week is absolutely crucial in the schedule. It will be my second attempt at running 75 training miles in a week. I fell short of the full 75 by only 3.6 miles in week 20. I'll be looking to do the full lot next week with no shortcomings whatsoever! 

After the experiences in Egypt and the thought I've been giving the USA 2011 run recently, I'm absolutely confident that my training schedule is going to be fit for the purpose. I reckon I've got about 1900 miles left to run this year and about 3500 next year. To help me get all of the mileage done I've managed, with the help of David Fairlamb, to get a commercial quality treadmill. It will be arriving towards the end of the week and will sit nicely in one half of the garage. It's slowly turning into a little gym in there and before long I'll be charging the local residents to train!

Away from running, I've started to think about how I can put together the USA 2011 road side support team. With just over 2 years left before the big run, the time is almost right to seek help on this front. Ideally, I'll have 1 team that will stay with me from start to finish. I doubt very much that I'll get that stability in the team. Hopefully, there will be no more than, say, 3 changeovers during the tour. Watch this space soon for further news. In the meantime, do you know anyone with the right kind of driving experience, who is not banned from entering the USA and who would be willing to form part of the support team? If so, please get in touch at