Saturday, 4 April 2009

Hot! Damn Hot!

It's 2 days into the Egyptian adventure and I'll be out for my first run of the holiday in the morning. I must admit that I've been quite surprised at just how hot it is out here. The lack of cloud also means you get the full on effect of that very warm sun. It will be even hotter when I run through the Mojave Desert in the USA in little over 2 years time. What a very daunting thought indeed! And it won't be just a run through the desert it will be a 30 odd mile run, day after day! Gulp!

Just in case Mark and Dave are watching, the food over here has been excellent. Despite there being plenty of variety I've eaten a lot of pasta and salad so far. If I keep this up, I fully expect to return to the UK a bit lighter. Given the superb weather I'll also be returning a lot browner. I'll update the blog tomorrow with details of my first run. Ta ta for now.