Tuesday, 3 June 2008

4 weeks until the next challenge.

It is now just 4 weeks until the Pennine Challenge.  I feel in good condition and really ready for the 22 miles of relentless climbs and steep descents.  The rest of the team seem in good nick too, if not a little nervous.   Speaking of the team, we have added 2 members to the squad.  Jim Patterson, who cycled the route last year, will be a runner this time around.  Mark Cass, who is a good runner and all round athlete, will also be joining the running element of the team.

So we are now a 12 strong team with 7 runners and 5 cyclists:

Mark Allison
Jimmy Bell
Mark Cass
Jonathan Dixon
Carlton Fletcher
Steven Moore
Jim Patterson

Ian Glasgow
Mike Paul
Michelle Paul
Richard Scholfield
Fraser Scott

I'd like to express my thanks to the bbc.co.uk/tyne website for a nice article on the Pennine Challenge.  It can be viewed here.