Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Why am I doing all of this again?

Sometimes I need reminding why I'm training 2-3 times a day most days of the week with the prospect of it getting even more difficult over the next 3 years.  Tonight I read a selection of the hundreds of emails I received during last year's big run.  I had a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye as I scanned through them.  

The majority of emails are from people I'm never likely to meet.  They are all inspiring and encouraging.  It'll not be the last time I browse through them as I look, every now and again, for a reminder that all of this effort is worthwhile.  

Meanwhile, training this week is going exceptionally well.  It's probably the hardest week of training for 12 months with 51 miles on the bike, 10 miles of running and 2 gym classes in the last 3 days.  Tomorrow will be a test with 34 miles on the bike and 5 miles at lunchtime.  Friday will see me do a 2 spinning classes in the gym and a long bike ride on Saturday will round things off nicely.  I'm looking forward(!) to next week where the majority of days will be spent running.  Oh and it's the 22 mile Pennine Challenge run a week on Sunday!  If you would like to sponsor me and the rest of the team, please follow the link to at the right hand side of the page.  Thanks in advance for the support!