Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Route planning for USA 2011 made 100% easier!

The planning for USA 2011 just got a whole lot easier! I must say huge thanks to Jackson Williams and his team for providing me with a detailed route from CA to NY.

Jackson, ran the huge distance last summer and is himself planning to run from John O'Groats to Land End this year. As a press release from his website explains:

"Jackson, from Norwich, says he hopes to complete the challenge in between nine and 14 days. “Initially, I hoped to try and break the world record, which currently stands at nine days and two hours,” he explains. “But, although the training preparations have been going well I haven’t covered as many miles as I would have liked to.

“In preparation I’ve been running about 100 miles a week, with six days on and one day off. During my challenge, if I run 96 miles a day, I’ll break the world record and if I run 60 miles a day, I’ll complete the challenge in 14 days. But I’m just going to take the challenge one day at a time, and see how it goes.”".

With such a detailed plan I feel like I've been given many months head start in the planning and preparation for the next big run. The next major tasks are familiarising myself with the route and trying to secure some mobile accommodation. Getting some cheap/free digs is the key to the success of the next big run. Once I've secured a camper van (or similar) I'll be putting the chances of success up from 5% to 50% straight away. In the meantime, thanks again to Jackson and his team for some invaluable route plans.