Friday, 27 June 2008

Heart, courage and power in the Pennines.

It was mission accomplished today as The Coach, Dunny, Patto (not pictured) and myself completed the 44 mile (or as it turns out the 45 thanks to the detour around Stanhope Ford) route from Castleside to Middleton-in-Teesdale and back.

I even managed to cycle home 4 miles from the finish line and I'm typing this blog entry with a well deserved King Prawn Madras on the way!

I'll post a full match report tomorrow.  In the meantime, I must say I was impressed with the lads on what was an extremely difficult day in the saddle.  The wind on the outward bound journey added a little something to the overall difficulty.  That Ian Glasgow has got the peddling power of a small power station and Dunny has the courage and heart of a lion.  Patto, meanwhile, was on a mission as he was "treating" his missus with a visit to the 20/20 cricket tonight and had to be back way before the rest of the team.

That's all for now!  The Madras is here!