Sunday, 19 April 2020

The Stay At Home Ultra Duathlon latest from Day 9

Day 8 came to an end at just after 9pm with a strong finish.

Day 9 took a little longer to get up and started, the initial aim was 7am however it was more like 9am after a cold shower to wake me up and get me back out on the drive. The first 6 miles of the run were done in 70 minutes. I didn't feel as tired as yesterday at that stage but as I wasn't as fast this morning by comparison.

The first half marathon of the day took 02:33:19 - I found a little bit of speed towards the end. Not much though. I had a short lunch break to refuel before getting back on the bike to start the 120 miles.

I've tried to keep the pace consistent, I explained a little more on my tactics for this below.

At the time of writing this piece (just after 7pm, and typed by Donna as I'm still cycling!), I've done 70 miles on the bike and have another 3 and a bit hours I reckon until I finish this final leg of cycling. There is still of course the small matter of a half marathon run to complete the challenge. This should see me through to approx. 1am - I've made the neighbours aware and have promised to be quiet! 

Big thanks to my neighbours of course, they've waved, smiled, stopped for a quick chat and donated (both money to the charity and cake!). They've certainly helped to make a massive difference over the course of the last 9 days. 

Huge thanks also to those who have continued to send good luck messages, they really do help. The donations have continued to roll in with a total of £1685 raised so far. An incredible amount and I know just how much St Benedict's Hospice appreciate the generosity. 

Full update to follow tomorrow...