Tuesday, 14 April 2020

The Stay At Home Ultra Duathlon (Day 4)

I'll start by saying a huge thank you to everyone who sponsored me today in aid of St Benedict's Hospice. £155 was added to the total today which stands at a brilliant £325.

I didn't start day the first running leg until 18:30 as I had an online talk and Q&A with some Spanish students at an English language school in La Gomera. That's one of the islands in the Canaries. It was an hour well spent talking about my journey around the world so far. There were some really good questions at the end too.

Back to the Stay At Home Ultra Duathlon and I’m definitely getting quicker on the bike and the pizza Donna ordered from local restaurant La Torre really helped. We heard recently that they had been delivering free pizza to local NHS, supermarket staff and other key workers. It felt only right to pay that kindness back and give them some business. Donna ordered 4 Pizzas and some sides! I had a decent selection on my plate at around the 15 mile point. They were absolutely delicious. More like an Italian restaurant pizza than a takeaway pizza which suited me fine. There was enough pizza left for tomorrow's stint on the bike!

The first hour on the bike was a 15 mph average. I managed to keep up nearer 18 mph after the pizza!

I'm pleased to report that the running is getting quicker too. It was 00:44:41 for the first four miles and 00:45:10 for the final four. 

It was very cold towards the end on the bike. My top half was ok with a base layer, mid layer, hoodie and coat. My legs were quite cold as the night got darker. 

I spoke to my son Jack, who I’ve not seen for 4 weeks due to the current lockdown, during the closing few miles of running and that really helped. 

The most noticeable improvement after 4 days is in my mobility once I've finished. I didn’t have to crawl upstairs to the bath as I have done on previous nights!

The late start today at 18:30 definitely made it more difficult with the later cycling miles and running being done in cold conditions. Hopefully, I’ll have a 2 hour head start tomorrow where a 5 mile run, a 50 mile bike ride and a 5 mile run is the plan. My aim is to try and run at 00:10:30 pace and cycle between 15 and 18mph. So that will be 01:40:00 of running and about 03:20:00 of cycling. 

I should be finished around about 21:30 tomorrow night. That will give a total of 150 miles on the bike and 30 miles of running in 5 days. That leaves 350 bike and 70 running miles left over the remaining 4 days. It’s a huge workload and one that I haven’t trained for. In fact, I’ve only walked to the CO-OP three times in the last month. Hopefully, you think all of this effort is worthy of a donation to St. Benedict’s Hospice. If so, please visit http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/rungeordierun. Thanks in advance.