Sunday, 22 December 2013

Day 61

(Sunday 15th December)

Mark woke to some encouraging messages of support about a standing ovation that he received at St James Park, where Newcastle United were hosting Southampton.  Mark has been a season ticket holder here for at least 23 years and this will be the most games that he has missed since the 1987-1988 season.

This video is courtesy of Justin Lockwood: 

"Overwhelmed by support this morning. Huge task ahead and I'm not going to let anyone down. Especially as the fund has just broken 30k."

We kept to the routine of ensuring that Mark's feet were treated and dressed, unfortunately yesterday had presented some new blisters.  Another set back just as the raw parts had started to heal in other places.

Day 61. The long road ahead. #hayshire #newsouthwales #australia 

I passed Mark at the 8 mile point.  He looked like he was running strong, this was great to see after the struggles of previous days.

The support of people passing by continued through to day 61.  Once again the offers of a lift to the next town came flooding in, Eddie (picture below) was kind enough to donate $50 for Mark and his two charities.

Mark was also unexpectedly greeted by some other locals….

Mark continued along this road when Jackie The Album came onto his iPod. This brought back some happy memories for him:

"Back to #Jackie The Album. Reminds me of me Mam cooking Sunday dinner with @bbcnewcastle on in the 70s. #steepypeas"

"I can smell the gravy and the mash potato now. Me Dad will be in from the pub soon and we'll record ourselves talking to each other later."

"He'd get me to sing on tape too. I still have those tapes. That was Soundcloud of the 70s. Happy days."

Mark's signal dropped later that day however he was able to send through a text to update Twitter confirming that the 2000 mile barrier had been broken.