Saturday, 21 December 2013

Day 59

Every day we reflect on the actions followed to make it from the morning until the evening.  Is there anything we could change? Is there anything that we could do better? Today Mark decided that he would revert back to getting a few miles in the bag before stopping for breakfast.  After 4 miles Mark stopped for some porridge the target after this would be the town of Balranald some 30 miles away.

As ever donations had continued throughout the day.  Mark was elated to see the fund break £29,000.  There have been some incredibly kind people supporting Mark and his two charities; The Children's Foundation and the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation.  Mark has always said that the donations are what spur him on, you're not kidding on this day.  By 10:30 Mark had smashed a half marathon distance and then this happened…

"Despite being a scorcher #ifeeltheneed #theneedforspeed. Fuelled by #acdc. #rgrdownunder with @drivebenfield #enjoythejourney"

"Thanks to my headline sponsor @drivebenfield for their backing. Without which, there would be no run across Australia."

"Thanks also to @connexion2 @cherryactive @virginmoney @chapmanvent @sportnewcastle."

"Time to attack. #ifeeltheneed #theneedforspeed Laters……"

By 2pm Mark had made it to the next meeting point having ran a marathon.  The running had been going great for the remainder of the afternoon and Mark continued to attack.  The temperature had started to rise and looked like there was no sign of it backing off.  By 5pm though Mark complained that it felt as though the problem with his right foot had flared up again.

"Damn. There's the familiar feeling of my right foot exploding in my sock. The partially healed cut has reopened I think."

Meanwhile I checked into the caravan park in Balranald.  This was kindly organised by Dylan who I met at the caravan park in Mildura.  Balarandald was Dylan's hometown so he was extremely eager to support Mark's cause.  Dylan had called ahead and arranged our overnight stay - thank you! 

While I treated myself to a sneaky ice cream I got chatting to another guest of the caravan park.  I met a guy called Colin who told me that he had been staying on a farm in the Flinders Ranges for the last 6 months.  Colin had been living on a farm and working as a painter. We talked about Mark's run and he was astonished having driven a great deal of the route himself.  Colin also told me that he had  never seen flies as bad at this year, the shearer that lived on the farm where he was staying had said that in his 70 years they had never been this bad - great timing Mark!

"Typical. If something can be an extreme it usually is. That was the case in the USA and it's no different here in Australia. #recordflies"

"That said, I wouldn't want it any other way. #bringontheflies #bringontheheat"

At 18:45 Mark went in for the final attack of the day.  I received a message to say have some water ready and that he would be running on through past the last meeting point...

Sure enough, he whizzed on through shouting something about meeting in an hour…

"Mile 43 in 00:08:57. A new tour best time for a mile. Now winding it down waiting for the RV. #ifeeltheneed #theneedforspeed"

"I attacked when I could today. It was scorching hot all day. It's going to get much hotter next week. I'm ready."

"This dream is still alive and kicking. Every mile in Australia has to be fought for. It's been the case for 59 days."

"There will be 1 or 2 unexpected twists and turns to come. I'm ready."

"@Donna__Houghton is continuing to do just enough with my right foot to give me the platform for days like today. She's not medically trained."

"The flow of money coming into the 2 charities via is giving me such a boost."

"All I need is another 10 days like today. The other day (Friday) is a day where I have something spectacular planned if conditions allow."

"That's all for now. I have the luxury of 2 hours before lights out. Nice food, shower, feet treated and massage awaits."

"Nearly forgot. 44 miles done today. 1945 miles done in total. Tomorrow will see less than 500 miles to #bondi."