Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Day 49

At 3am we were woken by an incredible thunderstorm which was once again accompanied by spectacular lightning.  This only allowed 2 more hours sleep until Mark had to get up and start running again.  Unfortunately these 2 hours were not enough and Mark turned off the alarm in favour of a late start to the day.  Fortunately the storm had cleared by the time that Mark set off but the clear skies were an indicator of the hot temperatures to follow.

Mark was still feeling very tired and as a result was 3.5 hours behind schedule.  On a positive note, the donations had continued which is always a great motivator. The target for day 49 was Spalding, or further!  

As Mark departed Crystal Brook the weather appeared to change.  Dark clouds were looming and it looked as though another storm could be on the way.  Not the set back that Mark had hoped for.  The wind picked up in strength, almost worryingly so while I was sat in the RV by the side of the road.  

Fortunately the rain held off, but the wind did not.  The gusts of wind were so strong that Mark had to really stay focussed on the road and make an effort to run in a straight line.  The road to Spalding presented an uphill climb and as I passed Mark he looked like he was really getting stuck into it.

The tweets were limited throughout the day while Mark focussed his efforts on beating the weather conditions as well as aiming for the target location of Spalding. 

Mark ended day 49 at 18:50 on 25.85 miles.  The next 2 hours, as always, were critical in ensuring that Mark ate, had his feet soaked and dressed and legs massaged.  This would hopefully set him up well  and ready to attack day 50.  This would also see him break the 1600 mile barrier.  

Mark's final tweets for the day:

"I lost 4 hours today due to a late start. I was exhausted all day due to the lack of sleep."

"I managed to get my head back in the game this afternoon. This run is just one big physical and emotional roller coaster."

"Support on Twitter and Facebook has been brilliant again. I hope you are all enjoying this journey. There are only 3 weeks of it left."

"I've got 3 weeks to run 41 miles per day. Do that and I get to #Bondi on time. So far I've averaged 32.6 miles per day. See the problem?"

"I think the next 7 days are critical. Risks need to be taken to get as close to 300 miles as possible."

"If I don't get close to 300 miles of running over the next 7 days then this event is all but over. That's a fact."

"My body is screaming out for a lengthy rest. My mind is doing its best to keep in the game. This is easily the toughest challenge I've ran."

"But let's look at the positives. My feet are improving beyond any expectations thanks to @Donna__Houghton's treatment."

"I perform better when the odds are heavily against me. Right now, it's like Accrington Stanley versus Barcelona."

"I had quietly hoped that the run across Australia would end in similar fashion to the run across the USA. Looks like I have my wish granted."

"This will make for an incredible story of human endurance. I know of no greater stories. I can make history. It's in my hands."

"Just looking at tomorrow's route. 41 miles takes me to a place called Worlds End. Are you kidding me!"

"Lights out. Well fed, cleaned, feet treated and massage. I'm ready for whatever challenge Day 50 brings tomorrow."

"Goodnight from Australia. Please donate if you can to @sbrfoundation @tcfcharity. thanks in advance."

As Mark highlighted earlier, every message received is massively appreciated.  Mobile phone reception is more consistent now meaning that he is able to regularly read them. You can send messages via Virgin Money Giving when making a donation (, Twitter (@rungeordierun) on Facebook (Run Geordie Run) or alternatively if you would like to voice record or video a message then please send them to (the quirkier the better!).