Monday, 3 September 2012

Team Run Geordie Run

There promises to be a strong Team Run Geordie Run presence during this year's Great North Run in aid of The Children's Foundation. The Team Run Geordie Run vests, as kindly designed by Shenton Creative and paid for by Benfield Motor Group were sent out to all runners this week. Amongst that number are 2 young members, 7 year old Elliott Atkinson (pictured below) and 9 year old Jack Allison (pictured below on the Quayside). Elliott will be running in the Mini Great North Run and Jack in the Junior Great North Run.

I'm very grateful to all members of the team but I think there is something very profound when 2 local youngsters sign up to raise funds that will benefit other local youngsters. Watch this space to see how Elliott, Jack and all of the other members of the team get on. We also have a participant in the Melbourne Marathon. Go Team Run Geordie Run!