Saturday 15 September 2012

The Wizard of Oz

My participation in tomorrow's Great North Run will be in fancy dress, in what seemed like a good idea at the time! I'm not normally one for novelty runs but a chance to push myself once again in extremely difficult and hot conditions seemed too good to turn down. My the end of the half marathon distance tomorrow I should have the answer to that all important eternal question - "Which is hotter? Running 78 miles through Death Valley or 13 miles in a lion outfit on Tyneside". 

To keep things remotely relevant, I'll be accompanied by my very own Dorothy (aka Donna Houghton). The very tenuous link being the Wizard of Oz (Austrailia). Do you see what I did there? 

I doubt very much that we'll be able to skip down that virtual 13.1 mile yellow brick road as I anticipate that the run will take up to 4 hours to complete. I'll also be weighed down by a hopefully heavy collection bucket for The Children's Foundation.

These were some of the words of wisdom from Team Run Geordie Run's Mick Butler "Wear it with Pride! Hopefully you'll not be too hot as it's going to be Mane-ly overcast. Straight to the cub for a beer". Kenny McPherson from Tyne Bridge Harriers added "I would be lion if I said I would ever run in that suit". Don't give up your day job lads!

If you do see us on anywhere on the route and happen to have some spare change then please feel free to throw it in The Children's Foundation collection bucket. Alternatively, please use the link below. Thanks so much in advance.