Sunday, 21 November 2010

What an epic!

I've never before put in a shift on the road like I did yesterday. Particularly after having ran 36.25 miles the day before. 

Today's haul of miles was a whopping 39 from Jedburgh to Otterburn! That's 75 done in total in 2 days. 

Mike and Ian finished around 18:30 but it was a 22:00 finish for me in pitch black conditions from Carter Bar. It was at this point that I sent support cyclist man Carlton on his way too and he finished just ahead of Mike and Ian. 

There were some pretty low and lonely moments out there on that last stretch, I can tell you. I spoke to Katy and Jack (Mrs Run Geordie Run and Run Geordie Run Jr) a few times and that really helped. 

What also helped, with 2 miles to go, was the following message from Ivan Hollingsworth on Twitter: "U R A LEGEND. Wot u'r doing is an inspiration 2 me. Stay strong & remember all the lives that will improve from wot our doing".

The lads (who have been amazingly supportive) managed to get some pasta from the local pub and I had to force that down having had 6 energy bars and 4 energy gels during the day. 

I've had a decent night's sleep but it took until 1 in the morning for the aches in my legs to subside. I seem to have acquired a few blisters and my right shin is slightly inflamed. 

Today is all about getting to the finish no matter what. It's not going to be pretty but it does have to be effective. 

Thankfully, it's only 31 miles to Newcastle from Otterburn. I'll be giving it everything to finish The Rosewill Cottage Castle to Keep Challenge today. 

Thanks to everyone who has sent a message of support on Facebook and Twitter. 

Finally, thanks to those kind folk who have made a donation at and Much appreciated!